Profile: Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas

Take the 33 North from the highway 101.  When you come to the end of the freeway part take the last exit which is for Casitas Pass Road.  Follow it until you come to a bridge on the right, turn right there.  This should take you by The Corner Store, where you can get some fishing baits, live and artificial alike.  From there keep going along the road and you should run into the lake entrance itself.

This is the main cove that I fish.  I’ll stay here for many reasons, mainly because there is a lot of diversity in this area that offers many different types of fishing.

This is the point of the marina cove.  There is a rock line that goes out about 50 feet from just on the other side of the ramp itself.  If you pay attention you can get your bait right between some of the sunken rocks and entice a bite out of a lazy bass.

Here is a good sized healthy looking bass that I caught on drop shot, if I remember correctly.  I would guess it is about 2-3 pounds.

Now that is a nice fish.  At first glance you think so, but upon closer inspection you can see that it is actually kinda skinny.  It should very well be about 8-10 pounds, but instead it weighed in at about 6-7.

Early AM, misty conditions , and cold as hell but I’m happy as can be, catching that bass with my new rod.

Here is the point when its crowded beyond fishing, in my opinion.  I’ll either leave or just fish to the side and wait them out.

One more that we pulled out of that spot last year.  Perhaps a 3-4 pounder.

It’s a good idea to wear the appropriate shoes or ones you don’t care about ruining, if you want to shore fish.  These are the types of conditions you’ll have to walk through.

Believe it or not you can actually pull fish out of places like this.  I’ve literally caught decent- size bass, casting just short of that type of brush.  It’s really fun and surprises people who may be watching.

The Coyote Lauch Ramp is a nice place to fish as well.  There is a decent amount of structure and rocks within casting distance of the shore.  You also get the effect of the boats churning up soil and bass coming in to grub on worm and bugs.

There are plenty of Waterfowl around to be enjoyed by the eyes alone; including these white ducks.  Please refrain from feeding or interacting with them in any way as it’s detrimental to their health.  It’s bad enough that people leave fishing line for them to get caught in.

I like geese a lot.  They are majestic creatures in their own way.  Watch out though, I’ve heard of people being attacked by them.

If you look closely you can see a few deer on the island.  I was fishing on a boat with a friend of mine when I spotted them.

FIshing during the sunset is a double bonus.  I love them both and it adds a certain magic to the experience.

Thanks for reading, good luck and tight lines!



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